Delhi Education Minister Atishi said that learning from world-class institutions like IIM Ahmedabad would enable the MCD school principals to establish a world-class education model in their respective schools.Education Minister Atishi visited IIM Ahmedabad on Friday to interact with the principals of MCD schools – who have gone to IIM-A for unique school leadership and management training. This marks the first time in the MCD’s history that school principals are being sent to IIM for training.During the visit, the Education Minister shared her determination to ensure that AAP’s education revolution succeeds in MCD schools after Delhi government Schools.She said, “The principals are the flag bearers of the Education Revolution and urged them to approach the training as a mission, focusing on and learning from every minute aspect over its course.”The Principals expressed gratitude for the government’s commitment to improving MCD schools during their interaction with the Minister.”The past Governments under the MCD have always neglected us and remained apathetic towards us. To see that the AAP Government treats us with dignity, prioritise our welfare and growth, and looks after our needs is extremely encouraging.” said the Principals.Inspired by the government’s vision, the principals pledged to work hard and transform their schools into world-class institutions, contributing to the vision of education.Highlighting the importance of principals in schools, Atishi said, “A principal’s approach, mentality, and working style represent the state of the school. Since 2015, the focus of the Arvind Kejriwal-led Delhi government has been on capacity building and the professional development of principals. This led to special school leadership and management training designed for them, including programs at IIM Ahmedabad and other IIMs.”Atishi highlighted the autonomy given to principals, which has resulted in the revolutionary transformation of Delhi government schools.Atishi said, “The neglect towards teachers by past MCD governments was known to all. I assure all Principals – under the AAP government, MCD teachers will receive all the facilities crucial for their professional development and growth. Following the success of Delhi government schools, an educational revolution will now be witnessed in MCD schools.””The training provided to MCD principals from IIM Ahmedabad will equip them to tackle the unique challenges they face daily and improve both their school’s academic and administrative aspects,” she added.Addressing the principals, Atishi further stated that MCD’s principals are the beacon of hope for a better future for millions of children and parents in MCD schools. She urged them to approach the training with the utmost dedication, treating it as a mission to be taken further into their schools.On this occasion, the principals expressed immense satisfaction with the government’s focus on improving MCD schools. They mentioned their previous struggles with basic facilities and their joy at now receiving quality training and support. They vowed to work diligently to fulfil the government’s vision of education, making every effort to transform their schools into world-class institutions that provide quality education to every child.Meanwhile, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has given the responsibility of three major Finance, Revenue and Planning departments to Delhi Minister Atishi. With the latest appointment, Atishi now commands a total of 10 departments, making her the second-in-command, only next to Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.