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The UK United Kingdom has one of the oldest educational institutes in the world which has one of the best education systems in the world. They have stringent standards which help them set up a state-of-the-art education system. The QAA (Quality Assurance Agency) is an independent body in the UK that assesses learning standards at all colleges and universities. Students who want to enroll in a short-term course that will enable them to get one of the best education in the world and enhance their employability then they should definitely consider the UK as the preferred destination.
Moreover, the UK houses the worlds best infrastructure and facilities for research and studies through its journals, faculty, laboratories, and a tradition of cutting-edge research excellence which makes it the ideal destination for research-related programmes and job opportunities. The UK is a great choice for students looking to get into research, experience different kinds of culture, or complete their bachelors degree within three years.
Australia Australia is one of the leading destinations to study abroad. The major reason for the push is not just restricted to quality education but also to the strong government support that the Australian government provides each year to promote study abroad students in Australia. The Australian Government spends over 200 Million annually on international scholarships.
While most scholarships cover tuition fees, students enrolling in research programs may also be able to get their living expenses covered. Australia is chosen by thousands of Indians each year because of the affordable education and cost of living. Students studying in Australia can very conveniently get a work visa after completing their studies. For students looking to settle abroad, Australia is a prime choice. With the friendliest and most liveable cities in the world, accessible top-ranked universities, and a relatively lower cost of education, Australia has become the most popular destination for undergraduate candidates.
Canada- Canada has emerged as the top choice for Indian students who want to study and settle abroad. When it comes to moving from international student status to permanent residence status, Indian students who study in Canada get additional points under the countrys point-based immigration system for the federal express entry at Canada experience class. It depends upon the duration of the course, the longer the duration the better are chances of getting the PR. Moreover, the strong Indian community in Canada has become one of the reasons for students moving to Canada. This becomes the major factor that facilitates adjusting to the new environment and providing support and familiarity while away from home.
According to Education Ministry data, more than 7,70,000 Indian students went abroad to study in 2022. It has been estimated by industry experts that the study abroad industry will grow by 20% in 2023. The major contributors to this rise are the Smart Programs, easy financing options, increase in awareness, and reliable education counselors have paved the way for students to make smarter choices and study abroad.
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