Vanna White is Holding Out for Fair Pay
The iconic letter-turner on Wheel of Fortune, is reportedly wants a pay raise.
She has been on the show for 41 years, and her current salary is $3 million per year. However, Pat Sajak, the shows host, makes about $15 million per year. Whites lawyer is demanding that she make at least half of Sajaks salary.
TMZ confirmed that she hasnt gotten a single pay increase for the last 18 years. Since 2005, only bonuses, not raises, according to Puck News.
In spite of being one of the most recognizable faces on television and often introduced as the other star of Wheel of Fortune, the producers of the show are not budging on their offer.
And it looks like Vanna is not backing down either. She feels that this is a statement for all women and that she deserves to be paid fairly for her work.
Vanna said solve this puzzle, I want half.
Gender pay gap is still a big deal in this country.
Thousands more prisoners across the US will get free college paid for by the government
The government is educating criminals.
Prisoners are getting educated behind bars receiving college degrees, high school diplomas, and vocational certificates. Most of them paid for by
the federal Pell Grant program
, which offers undergraduates tuition aid that they dont have to repay.
That program is about to expand next month, giving about 30,000 more students behind bars some $130 million in financial aid per year.
There is good news for taxpayers and individuals seeking higher education while incarcerated: evidence indicates that it effectively prevents prisoners from falling back into criminal behavior.
According to a study conducted by the Vera Institute of Justice, incarcerated individuals who participate in college programs have a 43% lower likelihood of returning to prison within three years of their release.
Beyond its potential to reduce recidivism rates, college education equips prisoners with the necessary skills to secure gainful employment post-release.
Comparing the costs, incarcerating an individual in the United States amounts to approximately $106,000 per year. Conversely, educating a prisoner to earn a Bachelors degree costs approximately $20,000.
This stark contrast indicates that college-in-prison programs can yield long-term cost savings for taxpayers.
So do you want someone to be released as a smarter criminal or a smarter productive member of society.
Have you ever thought about living in another country?
What if you got $90,000 to do it.
Ireland has announced a new program that will offer grants of up to 84,000 euros (about $92,000) to people who move to and settle on one of the countrys 30 remote coastal islands.
The Our Living Islands program is designed to boost population levels in the area, which are currently declining. Only about 3,000 people live on the islands year-round.
The government hopes that the program will help to improve housing, access to essential services, and broadband connectivity on the islands. It also hopes that the program will help to increase tourism and support sustainable island communities.
To be eligible for the grant, individuals must move into a dilapidated property on one of the islands. The property must have been built before 1993 and vacant for at least two years. The grant money must be used to refurbish the home.