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Studying Hamlet, the revenge play about a rotten kingdom, I tried for years to fathom Hamlets motives, state of mind, family web, obsessions.
His consciousness was so complex, Harold Bloom wrote, it seemed bigger than the play itself.
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kAm%96 8FJ =:@:] w:D 72G@C:E6 H@C5D 2C6 A6CD@?2= AC@?@F?D 2?5 A@DD6DD:G6 25;64E:G6D] z6G:? |4r2CE9J 😀 >J z6G:?] pC>J @77:46CD H6C6 >J 86?6C2=D] p356=\u2EE29 6=\$:DD: H2D >J 72G@C:E6 5:4E2E@C] x? E96 :?5:4E>6?E[ 2 %CF>A =2HJ6C BF@E6D %CF>A 2D H2C?:?8[ x 5@?E H2?E 2?J3@5J =@@J 3@I6D]k^Am
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