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The Genesee County Elections Commission approved petition language to recall two members of the Davison Community Schools Board of Education.
The commission approved petition language for the recall of Karen Conover and Granger Stefanko, who are members of the Davison School Board.
According to recall documentation, petitioners wished to recall Conover and Stefanko for voting to appoint Diane Rhines to the Davison Board of Education on May 15.
According to recall petitioner Leonard Marden, Rhines had lost re-election six months prior to her reappointment, but the school board, led by Conover, reappointed Rhines anyway.
Petitioners will need to collect 4,633 signatures for Conover, and the same number for Stefanko. The election commission will then review the signatures for validity. If the signatures meet all the requirements, the petition will be added to the ballot.
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