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BRIDGEPORT, W.Va (WDTV) – For this weeks Excellence in Education sponsored by Davis and Elkins College, most dog owners could probably write a book or two about the mishaps of their beloved pets, and one local educator did just that.
Big Elm Elementary School assistant principal Meighan Jones turned a journal entry into a newly published childrens book, titled Brown Dog, Black Dog.
Jones prompt was What is one thing you wish you wouldve done that you havent done yet? Her answer was to write a childrens book.
From there, she set out to write a story about her own dogs, Copper and Colby.
The book was inspired by the true story of how Copper and Colby learned to speak, and Jones says the story can carry an important meaning for young kids.
We can have our own differences. Theres good things about it, maybe not so good things about it. But when we work together, we can all achieve a common goal… and we should celebrate each others differences, says Jones.
Although the total process took Jones about eight months, she said collecting anecdotes and story ideas about her dogs has been a years-long endeavor.
Jones began her career as a Title 1 teacher at Big Elm Elementary School, where she applied her lifelong love and appreciation of reading to the classroom.
Jones love for dogs is one that she has always carried with her. Seeing that love reflected in her own favorite book as a kid, Harry the Dirty Dog, reminds her just how big an impact books can have on children.
We still remember those moments when we read those books, and it stuck with us, and we wanted to read it over and over again. Books are important to us. 100 percent. And I think that we can only write more and more books for our kids, says Jones.
Brown Dog, Black Dog is available for purchase now from Amazon and Lighthouse Christian Publishing.
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