May 8, 2023
The clip below features an adult telling a nine-year-old girl, Sex is not only functional when youre just making babies. Ive said before that its also fun to do, you discover how your body works, and how my body works.
Not only boys can have an orgasm. Girls, too, can have an orgasm. But they dont have ejaculation then, because we dont have sperm. But its a nice feeling.
And obviously youve looked at your vagina before, havent you?
After a detailed anatomy lesson she then tells the little girl, When you touch that it gives a very nice feelingIts actually very nice when youre touching that button. For example, you can rub it with your finger.
Another adult asks a very young boy, Do you ever play with your di**? Do you ever play with your willy? Yes, and how does that feel?
And when do you do that?
The boy replies, I dont know, before being prompted by the adult, Do you do that when we are eating?
No, he says.
No, right? the adult continues. Or in the classroom?
The child shakes his head no and the adults tone is one of surprise, No, not at all? Why dont you do it in class? When can you play with your di**?
When youre at home? the visibly uncomfortable boy replies.
The Whos CSE
suggest education should begin with children as young as five and is Intended to support school-based curricula, the UNs global guidance indicates starting CSE at the age of 5 when formal education typically begins. However, sexuality education is a lifelong process, sometimes beginning earlier, at home, with trusted caregivers. Learning is incremental; what is taught at the earliest ages is very different from what is taught during puberty and adolescence.
While global hunger numbers rose to as many as 828 million in 2021, this is what the WHO focuses on.