Pasco School Board votes to return for full-time, in-person education
Pasco School
PASCO, Wash. — The Pasco School District (PSD) has followed Richland and Kennewick School Districts and will also be partnering with the ‘Sumer Food Service Program for Children’.
Meals will be at no charge to children 18 years of age and younger.
No meals will be served at any site on June 19th and July 4th. Breakfast and lunch will be provided at the following sites:
Pasco High School, 1108 N 10th Avenue
June 21-July 28, (Monday-Friday), 7:30-9; 11-12:30
Aug 7-10; 14-18, (Monday-Friday), 7:30-8; 11:15-12
Virgie Robinson Elementary, 125 S. Wehe
June 20-July 7, (Monday-Friday), 8:30-9; 11:30-12
New Horizon High School, 2020 W Argent Road
June 26-June 30, (Monday-Friday), 8:30-9; 11:30-12:15
Stevens Middle School, 1120 N 22nd Avenue
June 20-July 7, (Monday-Friday), 8:30-9; 12:15-1:00
Stevens Middle School will not be providing meals on July 3rd due to holidays.
Barbara McClintock STEM Elementary, 5706 N Road 60
June 20-Aug 25, (Monday-Friday), 8:30-9; 11:15-12
Maya Angelou Elementary, 6001 N Road 84
June 20-Aug 25, (Monday-Friday), 8-8:30; 11:15-12
Chiawana High School, 8125 W Argent Road
Aug 7-10; 14-18, (Monday-Friday), 7:30-8; 11:15-12