Tutors and elders receive flowers and incense from the little children as a sign of respect and admiration on Teachers Day.
Pattaya, Thailand A poignant Teachers Day ceremony was held at the Banglamung Child Development Center on June 30. The event brought together teachers and students to pay heartfelt tribute to their educators.
Chief guest, Wattana Chinawat, Mayor of Banglamung sub-district said, The annual Teachers Day holds great significance as it provides an opportunity to express gratitude and reverence towards teachers, highlighting the basic values deeply ingrained in Thai culture. By acknowledging the generosity of those who impart knowledge, individuals who understand the importance of reciprocation can thrive and flourish in life.
During the ceremony, students gathered to present flowers and incense as a genuine gesture of respect and admiration for their teachers. This act served as a sincere display of appreciation, recognizing the wisdom, virtues, and unwavering dedication of the educators, pledging to embrace knowledge with wisdom, determination, and patience, demonstrating their commitment to achieve their educational aspirations.