Editor’s Note
This article is brought to you by ReNEW Schools.
ReNEW Schools has made significant strides in its mission to transform lives through quality education thanks to a dedicated workforce and support for teachers.
The commitment and passion our team displays is incredible, said Rebecca Campbell, the organizations direct of talent and development. To know that they genuinely enjoy their work environment while making a difference in childrens lives is truly remarkable.
One notable development at ReNEW is the increasing number of hires from the local New Orleans community. These individuals are eager to give back through education. Campbell views this trend as a positive shift that has brought invaluable perspectives and experiences to ReNEW Schools.
We seek individuals who align with our mission and value collaborative work, Campbell said. We prioritize building teams that work together, ensuring that teachers and administrators have the support they need.
At ReNEW Schools, teachers have extensive support from administrators and instructional coaches. There is also an emphasis on celebrating staff and student achievement. Additionally, ReNEW recently implemented a performance bonus program through a grant, providing teachers with tangible recognition for their dedication and impact on students lives.
We support our teachers. We listen, coach and develop, Campbell said. Our teachers not only believe that our students can achieve greatness but that they grow as professionals as well. That is something I am incredibly proud of and that I use quite a bit when recruiting.
ReNEW Schools serves more than 2,000 local children via Dolores T. Aaron Academy, Schaumburg Elementary, Laurel Elementary, the Early Childhood Program and the Therapeutic Program. Visit www.ReNEWschools.org for more.
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