Speak Out is a reader-generated column of opinions. If you theres something youd like to comment on in Elgin or beyond, send an email to ksorensen@tribpub.com. Please include speak out in the subject line. Nice job, EPD: Kudos to our great Elgin Police Department for the undercover arrest of a career criminal, making Elgins streets alot safer for our citizens. Thank you from one of them! Test scores matter: Are SAT/ACT scores critical to college admissions? In a word, yes! The only reason for going to college is for someone to learn more, not to play more. The best way to determine who should be admitted is by evidence of past educational performance. Standardized testing does that. Think of all the classrooms, equipment and teachers one could have with the millions wasted on athletic venues, coaches, publicity agents and athletic scholarships! I dont know of a single college that has lowered its tuition because of an athletic program. Look at what you did: How ironic that bigots in every corner of this country have driven down the sales of Bud Light since a transgender influencer started appearing in Anheuser-Busch commercials. With a precipitous drop in sales of the popular brew, Modelo Especial, a product of Mexico, could become Americas best-selling beer and home-grown xenophobes are beside themselves. A Republican in disguise? Robert Kennedy Jr. announced hes going to run for president. I heard his two talking points and they surprised me. He wants to reestablish what he got ridiculed for, asking are vaccines truly safe? As a Democrat, he was horribly ridiculed for that. He also wants to put an end to the corporate takeover of our country. If I didnt know better, Id swear he was a Republican. More proof: Now we have comments and audio recordings by Peter Navarro and Ted Cruz showing how they didnt believe in this election fraud nonsense, and how they thought Sidney Powell was a joke. The fact that 61 different judges overturned pleas of Donald Trump to say there was fraud, even judges appointed by Trump himself and the Supreme Court, still isnt enough for you Republicans living in Dreamland. When are you going to wake up and realize Joe Biden is the president there was no fraud?